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"Our K going into 1st grade daughter started Numerica at the beginning of the Summer with Ms. Wenxi. Numerica sent us a really cute package with the curriculum and materials. We did classes virtually (through Zoom). My daughter loved the classes so much, that she would wake up in the morning excited for them asking, "Can I do my math class now, please?!"

Our daughter was able to form a quick and fun bond with Ms. Wenxi. We were able to see corrections in her counting and recall for addition problems without using her fingers. We feel she is now better prepared to go into 1st grade with more confidence in math. We look forward to continuing weekly classes throughout the school year. Thank you, Numerica!"

Kelsey H. / Mother of  Bailey H. / Semester Course (K)

"Wenxi is an amazing math tutor and she has tutored my now 15 year-old daughter for the past year to great success.


My daughter was enrolled in an on-line, self-paced Algebra course that had a spiral approach to presenting the lesson topics.  Unfortunately, this approach to the subject was not the best fit for my daughter’s learning style and she was struggling through her first quarter of work and tests.  Wenxi was able to look at the full year of lesson topics and teach them in an order that made sense and worked well for my daughter.  She identified which areas needed review through tutoring and reinforcement through drills and targeted work.  The personal attention greatly helped my daughter to focus and master the material.  The entire time Wenxi was wonderful at communicating my daughter’s progress and mapping out a timeline for the completion of the class.  My daughter made huge gains and ended up with an A in the course.  Thank you Wenxi!


I would highly recommend Wenxi as a math tutor.  She is attentive, patient, and experienced at diagnosing and then appropriately tutoring toward your child’s individual needs. "

Lara T / Mother of Hannah T / 1 on 1 math tutoring

Wenxi is a knowledgeable, patient, and adaptable tutor who uses various math books and resources to inspire mathematical curiosity and understanding to my 6 and 4 year olds in a fun way. She never pushes the children and engages the children with different math story books and fun math activities. 

Melissa F. / Mother of  Helen and Neil F. / 1 on 1 math tutoring


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