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  • How should I pick a learning/tutoring center for my child? Why should I pick Numerica?
    It is important that you learn more about each center's education philosophy and decide if it aligns with how you want to educate your child. Some centers focus on practice, others emphasize conceptual understanding. It is also crucial to enquire about the background and training provided to teachers at the center. At Numerica, we use an all-rounded approach - we teach our students to master both concepts and skills. Our mission as educators is to make sure that our students achieve high test scores, but also for them to understand the importance of math as a discipline we use and encounter in our daily lives. Our teachers have a strong background in math, are trained professionally in innovative pedagogical practices and are up-to-date on math education research.
  • What is so special about Singapore's math curriculum?
    The most notable features of the curriculum are model drawing, concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, and its organizing framework. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum, please visit the "Singapore's math curriculum" tab on our website.
  • My child is using Singapore's math curriculum in school/at home. How can Numerica help?
    Our head teacher was educated in Singapore and can help identify the key components of the curriculum that may be missed by your child's teachers. Numerica specializes in teaching model drawing, number sense, mental math, and other areas crucial to the curriculum.
  • My child is not using Singapore's curriculum. Can Numerica help?
    Yes, absolutely. Many components of Singapore's math curriculum can be applied to any math curriculum. Our teachers are experts at adapting the strategies/concepts from Singapore's curriculum to an American education context.
  • My child is already good at math. Can they benefit from Numerica?
    Yes! We offer personalized and differentiated instruction even in group settings. This means that if your child already has a solid grasp of required concepts, we will tailor instruction to challenge them.
  • My child is doing poorly in math. How can Numerica help?
    At Numerica, we don't believe in shortcuts. We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for our students so that they can advance in their math journeys without any knowledge gaps. We use different learning methods to make sure your child understands the concepts they are having trouble with.
  • What do online classes entail?
    Online classes are conducted via Zoom. Our teachers will also use an interactive whiteboard to present information and engage with students.
  • What materials/tools do my child need for online classes?
    Online classes would require a desktop or a laptop with stable internet access, microphone and video capabilities. We also recommend a digital pen or a stylus so that your child may write on the interactive whiteboard. Should our lessons involve any additional materials, we will let you know in advance and/or provide them via packages.


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