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Numerica is a K-8 math learning center grounded in Singapore math instructional practices. Our goal is to teach children the 'why' behind math without compromising their abilities to compute numbers and solve equations. We seek to empower children with problem-solving strategies that they can apply to solve math questions and also in real-life. 

At Numerica, your child will be taught to think and will NOT be drilled with endless worksheets. 


Join us in our journey to help your child gain confidence in and fall in love with math!



Hello, I'm Wenxi. I was born and raised in Singapore, but I moved to the U.S. when I was 19. I hold a BA in Mathematics and Art History from Washington University in St. Louis, completed coursework for M.Ed in Educational Policy and am currently a PhD candidate in Mathematics Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 


I started teaching Singapore math in the Chicagoland region in 2016 and have worked with numerous homeschool families and students from diverse backgrounds. After realizing that many continue to have misconceptions of Singapore's math education system, I authored a book titled "The secrets to Singapore's world-class math curriculum," in which I share my experiences as a Singaporean and an educator.  


Because of my interdisciplinary background,  I love integrating math with other subjects and incorporating daily life into my teaching. My goal as a math educator is for my students to be creative problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and to appreciate math as the cornerstone of many disciplines.  I'm on a mission to reimagine math education and I hope you will join me.


Wenxi Lee

Founder and Lead Instructor


Grades 6-8

We help your child lay the foundations to higher order algebra and geometry in preparation for advanced level mathematics.

Grades 3-5

We work with your child to gain a deeper understanding of abstract concepts and to communicate their reasoning with confidence.

K - Grade 2

We aim to cultivate a sense of mathematical curiosity and support your child in mastering the basic building blocks of mathematics.



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